Rights Layout
Search and monitor domestic and foreign trademarks

Through professional software, is honored as the right holder to establish a trademark file system, timely

and comprehensive understanding of the right holder's trademark status at home and abroad; And through 

the trademark monitoring, strengthen the trademark protection for the right holder,establish the trademark 

defense system.

Domestic and foreign trademark registration, assignment, change, renewal, etc

Zhengyu is equipped with a professional process team to provide trademark basic services to the right holders

, and through the global network of ipr service agencies in more than 190 countries and regions, to develop 

global trademark confirmation and maintenance solutions for customers.

Madrid/single country/EU/unknown trademark registration

According to the characteristics of various international trademark organizations, Zhengyu provides customers 

with Madrid international registration, single country registration, European Union registration, African Intellec-

tual Property Organization application, change, renewal and other services.

Objections, revocation, invalidity and defense of domestic and foreign trademarks

Zhengyu handles difficult cases of domestic and foreign trademarks for customers, especially for domestic 

and foreign trademark registration, counterfeiting matters, through objection, cancellation, invalid combined 

negotiations and other comprehensive means to protect the legitimate rights and interests of customers.

Domestic and foreign trademark administrative/infringement litigation

Zhengyu resolves trademark related disputes for customers, and assists customers to obtain and maintain their 

rights smoothly; In dealing with complex and difficult cases, it can provide comprehensive solutions and take 

multiple legal measures to obtain the most favorable results.

It is credited with assisting customers to remove obstacles or threats in the registration process of their trademarks

, patents, or other types of intellectual property rights by handling administrative litigation arising from the process 

of intellectual property rights confirmation. The successful handling of the right confirmation case also provides 

favorable support for the victory of the relevant infringement cases.

 Trademark search and monitor

 Trademark registration, renewal etc. 

 Trademark objection, cancellation, invalidation, reply etc.

 Trademark administration or  infringement litigation