Rights Layout
Domestic and foreign patent retrieval, strategic layout

Based on the professional team and abundant international cooperation resources, Zhengyu provides customers with 
domestic and foreign patent search analysis and evaluation and domestic and foreign patent layout plan, which lays a 
solid foundation for the long-term development of enterprises in the domestic and international market.
Zhengyu's international partners cover major countries and regions in the world. According to customer requirements, we 
search and analyze the legal protection situation of specific countries and regions, main competitors in the market, and in-
dustry patent situation, provide patent layout strategy, and assist to submit corresponding patent applications.

PCT/ single country/EU/unknown application

According to the client's budget and market demand, Zhengyu can provide clients with a single country or a combination 
of relevant organizations for application, and help clients to choose the most appropriate foreign law firm to handle the 
whole process of foreign business.

Patent administration/infringement proceedings at home and abroad

There are more than 20 intellectual property lawyers in our professional team, and some of them are qualified as patent agents. We have rich practical experience in patent invalidation, review, administrative litigation, infringement litigation and other difficult cases.

 Patent retrieval, strategy layout

 Patent application, reexamination, invalidation, defense, etc.

 Patent administration or infringement litigation

 National, provincial and municipal patent award/project application